About Us

We at GS Tuning are committed to excellent customer service. We understand that a good auto repair shop is nothing with out good customers who are appreciated and treated with respect.

We strive to complete all repairs in the timeliest manner possible because we know that your vehicle is important to you. We don’t like to let vehicles just sit around the shop. Our prices and labor rate is very competitive with other comparable shops and we often have the lowest price.

If another shop beats our price, please let us know and we will do everything we can to beat it. GS Tuning is a local, family owned and operated business that is here for the long run. We employ highly trained, professional, and courteous technicians who treat every vehicle like it’s their own.

Our technicians attend regular training courses to keep them up to date with the newest technology and repair techniques. Everyone at GS Tuning has a passion for high performance driving and automobiles, but being of service to our customers is our number one priority, so when other shops are gone racing, we are here servicing your vehicle.

Robert is our parts and service manager. He has been with GS Tuning for four years and has a passion for helping people. Robert has worked in customer service for fifteen years and has a wealth of experience assisting people with their automotive problems. Owning a BMW product can be expensive, but Robert tries to save you money whenever possible. Robert has been fixing things from the moment he learned how to use a wrench and a screwdriver, everything from toys, to model cars and planes, to lawnmowers and appliances, and eventually to motorcycles and cars. This understanding of how things work allows Robert to explain what’s wrong with your car in terms that you can understand and how to best prioritize repairs. Robert earned his Associate’s Degree from Santa Rosa Junior College as well as having taken several courses in automotive technology. He has owned several BMW’s, all 3 series models, and currently drives a 1995 325i.
Hector has been in the automotive industry for over 30 years, with about half of that on just BMW’s, from old to new he continues to increase his knowledge on these prestigious cars. Being the master technician, he was the first to attend BMW factory training for GS Tuning. He encourages all upcoming and current technicians to take these courses to better their skills and strive for more. Not being afraid or judgmental about new technology makes him a great asset to the GS Tuning team.
Being a car lover makes him very precise and careful on every vehicle he works on. Those traits and teachings have also been instilled on the other technicians making for a very efficient team.


Eduardo has had the proper training to become an automotive technician, from basic car training to specific manufacturer. He graduated from Universal Technical Institute, which has shown to be a great addition to his prior knowledge and has completed BMW factory training courses to keep himself up to date with the newest BMW’s on the market. He has been a car lover for as long as he can remember, from taking apart his toy cars to helping his dad fix what was then going to be his first car. Knowing how strong his love for cars was he decided to pursue a career in the automotive industry.


Has been detailing high end luxury cars for 15 years, from interior to exterior, his experience in this field truly shows. His knack for cleanliness makes him very meticulous and goes over every car like it were his very own. He leaves every car like new, no spot left untouched and no floor mat left unturned.